Brass Capsule Multifunctional Mini Knife Portable Keychain

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The tiniest, most portable cutting tool!

Disguise your knife as a tiny keychain to carry with ease and use when needed!

Super tiny to carry around

Being so small to the miniature scale, this tool even looks more little compared to your knuckles! And it is basically weightless, too.

Surprisingly sharp & useful

Don’t underestimate the sharpness of this tiny knife! It can do anything from unboxing parcels, opening cans, peeling fruits and so on!

Perfect disguise

Feel confident going out having a sharp tool just in case you’ll need it, without looking suspicious! It looks just like a keychain and no one will know!

High-grade material

While the sturdiest stainless steel is for the best usability (obviously!), the brass outer material is for the look: high-class, shiny and retro.

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  • Handle Material: Brass

  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel

  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 0.9cm